tomo_san (tomo_san) wrote,

Osaka con 24 july *beautiful world* tour xD

i went to our Beautiful World Tour's concert in Osaka.
yeah, i'm serious
i was going to study in japan this july and was pretty sure, that concert in the middle of the summer is impossible with our regular kokuritsu schedule. i was ok to skip another year since my very first con in 2009. but miracles happen and dreams come true, sooooo this year's tour timing PERFECTLY fitted to my plans of visiting japan!!

but miracles weren't possible without my friends. Anna... thank you so much for your help and endless patience in all the troubles i caused you. Marina... thank you for supporting and cheering me up all the time. I love you girls <3 and hope you'll have fun at you kokuritsu con :3

more than a month passed since THAT 'magical' day, but i still can't believe, that it was with me (well, i kinda realize that it was real when i think about how i met Sho-chan's, Nino's and Matsujun's eye... two times with Nino and pretty long time with Sho-chan.. GOSH!!! I can't believe it xD)
it was with me. second time in my life. second but not the last....cause it seems that arashi's concerts become a habit. baaad and expensive habit. my favourite habit which i can't resist <3
Tags: arashi

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