Osaka con 24 july *beautiful world* tour xD

i went to our Beautiful World Tour's concert in Osaka.
yeah, i'm serious
i was going to study in japan this july and was pretty sure, that concert in the middle of the summer is impossible with our regular kokuritsu schedule. i was ok to skip another year since my very first con in 2009. but miracles happen and dreams come true, sooooo this year's tour timing PERFECTLY fitted to my plans of visiting japan!!

but miracles weren't possible without my friends. Anna... thank you so much for your help and endless patience in all the troubles i caused you. Marina... thank you for supporting and cheering me up all the time. I love you girls <3 and hope you'll have fun at you kokuritsu con :3

more than a month passed since THAT 'magical' day, but i still can't believe, that it was with me (well, i kinda realize that it was real when i think about how i met Sho-chan's, Nino's and Matsujun's eye... two times with Nino and pretty long time with Sho-chan.. GOSH!!! I can't believe it xD)
it was with me. second time in my life. second but not the last....cause it seems that arashi's concerts become a habit. baaad and expensive habit. my favourite habit which i can't resist <3

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regardless all  i've returned to my diary..
i lack japanese speaking practice A LOT! it's like i'm stuck on speaking... but i'm doing my best! i even started to read tons of my jap journals and happy about it cause i CAN even understand about 30-50% (!!! a lot for me!) ... YAY! it makes me happy!

returning to other news... my my my... i can't explain HOW i'm excited bout new MGirl! (Ninagawa-san! i'm your daifan eternally!)
just...just... i couldn't breath when i saw the scans *o*

words are useless, soooooooooooooo
he's gorgeous *,.*

love you, my boy <3

btw, i must get this journal!

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i'm kinda angsty today xDDD so lets talk bout good things!
i'm reeeeeeally excited about Ohoku OST <3 loved it! <3
... and looking forward freeter! i have a good feeling bout this dorama :3

on friday i've bought two irreplaceable things in my profession: two japanese dictionnaries (one jap-en/en-jap and one pocket jap-rus 漢字小辞典) i love them <3 unfortunately it's not ehough and i need a big one rus-jap

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so many things can make me sad... even here. but it's all my own fault, i read arashicrackaday comments bout Dear Snow pv, i shouldn't do that.
i'm really disappointed and sad. maybe i should cry a bit? xDDDD

kay, let's wait for our next 'monthly' single

DEAR SNOW PV and some thoughts

about our new song... not song, only bout PV cause i LOVE Dear Snow (even enough for translate it xDD), it's my second favourite ballad after aozora pedal.

i love our new PV. you can call me mad, but i really love it. first of all i love:
 - decorations. i'm addicted to traditional japanese style and reeeeeally happy that we finally have pv in such atmosphere
 - clothes. the second place where you can call me mad. boys're gorgeous <3 the only one who seems to had some problems with stylist is Matsujun (his jacket... really sucks xDD) Aiba... oh, Aiba, it's all your fault that after watching PV i've found my favourite winter scarf (i have a hilarious five-coloured scarf, yeah, arashi-rainbow >=D) . it seem's to me that i'll not part with it till next summer xDDDD ... and Riida! LOVE his outfit!
- idea. yes, it's quite simple and someone may say that this pv is really useless. but i don't think so. this pv has his own strong japanese style, it's calm, without any action, dances or bakaness. you don't need to watch, you need to observ and feel. our last album's name is 'the lanscape that i see'... this pv is this kind of a landscape! i'm really disappointed that someone couldn't see landscape that our boys shown to us.

by the way... i finally decided. as long as i'm an arashi fan i'll follow all their releases, good and bad, all their projects, interesting or less interesting. as i said to Marina, there's no 'old' and 'new', 'good' and 'bad' arashi for me. there's only one arashi before, now and forever.

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uwaaaaa~ i can't say HOW i'm happy to see all the comments >=D kinda strange to have such a great feedback after diary...

i'm going to scan so more journals (fineboys with sho, non-no, another one with strange japanese name that i can't read... then i'll try to scan my photobooks... maybe pikanchi and our boku no miteiru pamphlet, but i'm not so sure that it's a good idea, they're stiff, not like journals)

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yeah, 'rock the world' >=D it's kinda new for me to 'scan' and i'm reeeeeeeeeally happy to see comments! <3
think i'll stay here from now on :3 the only thing i'm worrying for is my bakaglish. i still haven't learnt this language enough to write without stupid mistakes >///<  however i'll do my best ^^

and i love my chinese version of tumblr <3 it provides me with adorable pics

today we have... my daily dose of sakuraiba love lovely pair! <3

sure, darling, fighting! xDD

i wrote a lot today... i think it's because of hiatus on diary, 20 days passed since my last post there~ and i DO need a place where to write the fooldirty thoughts of mine xDDDD

ps: kinda excited bout ohoku premier! can't wait for reports and photos *o* and fancam of course... *sight* if i could only be there... yosha! ganba desu! xDDD